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A Message from Captain Chris – It’s Summer 2020 and Moment Sailing is ready for you!

Hey everyone! As of May 25th, sailing charters of our classification are now permitted and we are ready to take you out on the water! As always, we only offer private sails. To remain compliant, masks are required (there are some great UV ones out there!) and we will be regularly sanitizing Moment and will have hand sanitizer at the ready. We will be following all Federal / State / local guidelines to remain compliant. It’s a little different this year, but the mesmerizing beauty of sailing and the sea hasn’t changed a bit!

From the perspective of Moment Sailing Adventures, we are now in our seventh season and you, the guests are literally what keeps Moment afloat year after year. Did you know she turns FOURTY next year!? If you are able, please consider booking a sail (which we can easily reschedule to 2021 if necessary), or a gift certificate that will help us pay for the required maintenance and operational costs that we experience each year.

With much love and appreciation,

Captain Chris