Meet Your Crew

Our professionally trained crew has a vast knowledge of sailing and hospitality to help you enjoy every moment!

Captain Craig USCG 200T Masters Certified

Craig is Moment’s primary captain, with over 25 years of hospitality and captaining experience. He has regularly catered to high-profile clientele throughout his career. In his quiver of skills beyond being a yacht captain, he is a fixed wing and helicopter pilot, a ballroom dance instructor, a certified scuba diver, and an accomplished chef.

Interestingly, Craig made a cameo on New England Living TV as a chef, chauffeur and captain. Check it out here.

Craig is an expert in providing rich, unforgettable outings and looks forward to working with you to customize your sailing itinerary and cuisine so that your Moment is exceptionally special.

Captain Chris Founder, USCG 50T Masters Certified

When it comes to planning your next trip aboard Moment or a sailing vacation anywhere in the world, USCG 50 Ton Masters licensed and American Sailing Association Instructor certified Chris will make sure your experience is smooth sailing — as they say.

Chris grew up around boats, going from a tiny sunfish on a lake early on to become a part of a Long Island Sound race program that sailed in the Newport to Bermuda Race. In 2009, Chris began captaining charters and fulfilling yacht deliveries in the U.S., Caribbean, and Mexico. In 2013, Chris left New York for Annapolis to complete a refit on the 47-foot sailing yacht, Moment and found Moment Sailing Adventures.

Brad Fowler Onboard Photographer for Provincetown charters

We are pleased to announce our partnership with local Provincetown photographer Brad Fowler, who began working with Moment in 2017 for weddings and proposals onboard. Fowler is well known for creating compelling images of people and their loved ones. Since 1996, Fowler has been sought after by visitors and locals who desire contemporary imagery with an emphasis on emotion. Brad has a gift for putting people at ease and delights in working with those who say “I’m going to be your worst subject ever!’ Please select to add photographer when booking if you wish to have Brad onboard during your sail.