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A Winter North of the Gulf Stream

The choice to sail an additional 1000 miles south for winter as we have done in the past or keep her in storage in Virginia was a challenge unto itself. Giving Moment and her captain a winter break to dry out and to be fully prepared for another fantastic Cape Cod summer prevailed as did undergoing the process of hauling and winterizing.

On first thought, you would think storing a boat would just be throwing out the perishables, locking the door and walking away, but on a multi-system cruising boat it can be quite involved. After the boat has been hauled, and power-washed, one has to consider combating ice, mold, and a maintenance plan that will leave the boat ready to go when the weather permits. All plumbing that has water running through it must be drained and flushed with anti-freeze. This includes the engine, fresh-water system, toilets, wash-down pumps, shower drains and more! All clothes, linens, towels, and cushions must be removed or bagged with desiccants. All sails and canvas must be removed for inspection, cleaning, and repairs. Any paints, compounds, etc. must be completely removed from the boat as it will compromise the quality and longevity of those products if freezing occurs. Electric and non-electric dehumidifiers must be put into place. The outboard engines and generator need to be removed to prevent theft and winterized.

What about a cover? Yes that too. Moment has a full three-piece custom cover that allows us to leave a couple hatches open for air circulation and keep snow, rain, sun, and dust off her.

While Momento will not be returning to Provincetown next summer, she too had to undergo a similar winterizing and covering process in Portland, CT.

With monthly checks on the boat to make sure the dehumidifier is going, the cover is holding tight and the batteries are staying charged, Moment and her captain will be ready for Spring projects, commissioning, and the glorious sail back to New England.