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Celebrating Your Moment

It’s no surprise that Provincetown visitors have learned the it venue to celebrate their special moments are aboard none other than our very own Moment! In our first month alone, we’ve had all kinds of celebrations including multiple birthdays, two wedding proposals, Independence Day fireworks, Provincetown’s annual Blessing of the Fleet, and our first wedding!

Our first sail of the season was a six hour birthday celebration for some first time Provincetown visitors that got the full welcome treatment with balloons, a disco ball, and all! It was the first real day of beautiful weather for the summer. Since sailing with us, they have returned to Provincetown to research making it a permanent home – we’re confident that we contributed to their new love affair with this town!

Both wedding proposals were unique unto themselves. The first was an 8:30am sail, which on first thought is an early time to pop the questions, but on second thought, it starts the day off just right and leaves the entire rest of the day for sharing the news with friends and celebrating. We had light breeze and mostly sunny skies. The second proposal was set in the evening, while Moment and the guests were bathed in golden light. Four additional friends of the future grooms were there to photo, video, and witness the event.

The annual Provincetown Blessing of the Fleet proved to be a spectacular day on the water. Unlike the 2016 blessing, this year there was no Momento to make a huge scene, but Moment</> held her own with a very fun six hour charter. We were dressed with Moment Sailing, Portuguese, and American flags for the event. One glitch just as we were about to get blessed was that our American flags fell down! We quickly pulled them aboard and went without as we passed the Bishop standing aboard the Provincetown II, who blessed us for a safe sailing season!

Our July 4th fireworks sail is one of a kind. While normal sails end at 7:30PM, we sail from 6PM to 10PM to see the fireworks show. Prior to the show, we experienced one of the best sunsets of the summer so far with multiple stages of color, cloud patterns, and light. After a lovely sail around the harbor, we tied up to Moment’s mooring and then with cracks, booms, and bangs in the distance, the boat was filled with “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

Every single event is as special to us as it is to you. We do our very best to honor every special request that you can think of. As always, we are infinitely honored that you choose Moment to celebrate your moment!