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Cooking up a new Captain

Over the past winter, we have been cooking up new ways to make Moment Sailing better, tastier, and more year round. In an effort to have someone who can be dedicated to a full hospitality experience for Provincetown summers and a Caribbean winter, we introduce to you Captain Craig.

Not only does Craig boast over 25 years of hospitality and captaining experience, but he is an accomplished chef who has prepared meals for the discerning, celebrities, and discerning celebrities alike! He greatly looks forward to preparing you a snack, a meal, or several meals, which will be sure to make your moment even more special.

You will be sure to have plenty to talk about with Craig as he shares stories from his life’s adventures being in the Navy, a fixed wing and helicopter pilot, running luxury high-adventure expeditions, years hospitality work in the Caribbean and captaining sailing and motor yachts.

Craig joined Moment in Charleston to prepare her to sail north, has now spent some quality offshore time with her and is now ready to take you on a gentle sail in Provincetown harbor, and Cape Cod Bay.

Look for our additional add-ons at check-out or ask us how we can help customize your sail.