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Screech and Squeal

Moment's galley with new knives, oven, and microwave

Since we did so much work prior to arrival, the jobs that needed doing over this past month were quite minimal in comparison.

The latest upgrades include finishing off the galley with a beautiful set of Cutco knives (goodbye mismatched hand-me-down brother’s college apartment set!) and installed a wine and champagne glass rack to more easily dry the glassware. (It’s actually plastic). There must have been something pleasant in the air because both the wine rack and knife racks fit as perfectly as our oven installation – this streak surely can’t last!

Dealing with the ongoing maintenance items were in response to the typical wear and tear aboard. Not 10 minutes before a sail began did the engine suddenly begin screeching, squealing, and smoking. Oh great. Shut the engine down. The engine access door was flung open and quickly assessed as a loose belt on the engine driven refrigerator compressor. We grabbed a waist belt out of a clothes drawer, wrapped it around the compressor, loosened the tension nuts, pulled the waist belt tight and tensioned the nuts back down – all with only two hands. Fortunately in the nick of time, the tools were put away, sweat wiped clean and the guests were greeted with a smooth running engine. Phew.

In the works are replacing the genoa and mainsail furling lines. We did this about two years ago, but areas of chafe mean a total line replacement to prevent a complete failure underway. The mainsail is done and the genoa line is on order. We also have a new anchor windlass switch on order. During the July 4th week, while attempting to anchor off Herring Cove, it was discovered that the down button did not work anymore. Fortunately we have a lighter manual anchor that was used temporarily to set a hook and enjoy the afternoon without a hitch.

Until next month!