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Season’s Greetigs – Reflecting on a Year

a airplane that is covered in snow

This was a very interesting year to say the least! There was a point in the Spring that we didn’t even know if Moment would launch, and if it did, the likelihood for much sailing looked grim. As it would turn out, sailing was the perfect, safe activity to do with a family or quarantine pod. We were so fortunate to have made many new friends, despite missing the ones that couldn’t make it to town. We fortunate enough to bring aboard a new captain—Captain Chadwick—who stepped up to captain most sails from mid-July onward.

Now that the season is long gone and Moment is tucked away under both her winter cover and a blanket of snow, we wanted to take a minute to thank you for your overwhelming support! Moment will get the care and maintenance she needs this winter so that she will be ready for you in May.

We hope that you are staying warm, safe and are having the best holiday that you can!