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Cover Girl – Moment makes Ptownie Magazine

We are very excited to announce that Moment was featured on the cover and interior photos of the Ptownie Magazine 2021 Fashion Issue along side our favorite fashion brand, Respoke. Respoke repurposes iconic designer scarves into one-of-a-kind products. In the feature, You can see Moment’s transom with Respoke jeans embellished with Hermes silk and Respoke…

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August 24, 2021

Stay in the Shades

We’re always on the look out for great fashion options on and off the water that are good looking and complement the sailing lifestyle. What’s the one item that gets worn every day of sailing? Shades… Sunglasses… Eye wear… Call them what you may, but they are essential. With the rigors of sailing, there are…

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July 24, 2017